Me, by Jana

I'm an Englishman in my 50's, living in the Fens, originally from London. When I was young my Indian Step-Grandfather lent me a lovely old book about Hereward the Wake, I never expected to be living here.

Despite the intervening years I do still look somewhat like the above. There's no accounting for taste.

Some of my varied interests are hinted at below.


Why the obsession with Prussia? A good question. It satisfies both my Germanophilia and Bibliophilia, and fairly neatly, although never as neatly as you expect, contains a wealth of military and cultural history in a finite time and space.

I have a website dedicated to Prussian trivialities. Visitor numbers are not a strain on the server.

Current Reading List

I read a lot. I have no TV.

Past Reading List

Finished, but worthy of note.

Old Books

Old books are wonderful. I once was briefly entranced by ebooks, but no longer.


Bookbinding enables me to repair old books, and is a worthwhile trade in itself. I always need notebooks, diaries and commonplace books.


19th Century German handwriting, would you believe. A small example.


A recent convert, and still finding my way, I go to a local Anglo-Catholic church.

More to follow...