Vim & RTFM

This week I ditched Doom Emacs, after a couple of years, and went back to using Vim & Gvim as my main text editor.
Doom Emacs looks great and has more features than I could ever figure out, let alone use, but lately I’ve found keeping it up to date to be a bit of a chore. Every other update seems to involve changing repositories, adding stuff in or taking stuff out of the config or having to continually update the programs it depends upon, OK if that’s your thing but too much work for text editing and the occasional journal entry in org mode.

So back to Vim, which now I’m getting to grips with is much better than I’d realised, although there’s still a bit of a learning curve. Demonstrated perfectly by me having to rewrite one of my draft German letters three times as I’d completely misunderstood what “Nwrite” did. Hence RTFM.

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