Excuse the subject matter but “Bestiality & me” makes a good point about the limits of reason.
If anything can be justified by reason, then either everything is permissible, which obviously is leading us already to a very dark place (don’t make me tap the sign), or reason is not always correct, in which case the last 250 years or so have been a catastrophically disastrous failed experiment in man’s hubris and arrogance.
I think this may have been pointed out to us a couple of thousand years ago, but we never listen.

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Flying Peasants

This morning I was reading this article in The Daily Sceptic about “Net Zero” and possibly no more flying for peasants by 2050, and it occurred to me yet again that this wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.
I’m not at all sure that endless credit and foreign travel has really improved our peasant lives at all, probably the opposite, and it’s likely inevitable that it will have to end when the sham financial system that supports such a lifestyle ends, and that’s looking like soon.
The problem is that at the same time, the same people are (and have been for more than half a century) merrily destroying our native environments and social bonds, which at least would give us some roots to return to.

Fuchs-Eier und Schaumwein“, Marwitz hatte Recht.

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